Ride to Shoreham & Eynsford Sat Jul 18th

The battle between Greenwich Cyclists and the south London clubs has now become a game of chicken. On this occasion we chose a deliberately provocative starting point of Beckenham Place Park. This gave people the option for doing a longer ride, whilst also, for part of the ride, being able to choose their own speed and stop-off arrangements. We tackled the 25% climb to Cudham, which even Penge Cycle Club fight shy of. We then followed a sign to the "other" Lavender Farm (Castle Farm), which allowed us to do a short off-road detour. Despite worrying signage, we proved it was possible to get back to Orpington from Eynsford by cycling up past Eagle Heights.

This was the route: Ride to Ride to Shoreham & Eynsford

Ride to Epping Forest & White Water Centre

As Barry Mason found with the Christmas Day, Midsummer Madness and Dunwich Dynamo rides, it is repetition of social rides that are free and advertised openly on the internet that is key to the establishment of a diverse and inclusive cycling club. This was the reason why we chose to run this Epping Forest ride again, even though we had already run it three times in the past year.