Midsummer Madness 2021

Ride to Westerham Brewery - Sat Jun 12th

Now that lockdown rules have been eased, we can start doing longer rides again. On this occasion we had chosen Westerham Brewery as a destination. We found that, by starting the ride in Beckenham Place Park, we could reach country lanes very quickly, without having to cycle miles through suburbia. We took a look at Holwood Farm Cafe, which would have offered an excellent stopping-off point, if we had had to abandon a rides like this because of bad weather (which often happens). Westerham Brewery was an excellent destination, as it offered facilities for all tastes - a bar, a winery and a cafe/shop. It could also be used as a "stepping stone" for rides that venture further afield in Kent. We found there is a Pilgrim's Way and Clarks Lane route which allowed us to make a gentle ascent back up to the North Downs Way, without having to tackle extremely steep busy main roads. By finishing in Hayes Station, we were able to take train back home, which saved a lot of time for those who don't live in Bromley.