About us

British Cycling and HSBC, of all people, should know that all cycling clubs must have a bank account. Or is this just true everywhere except in the East End?

Having had all our rides on Eventbrite virtually blown up by some anarchist a few days before our 9/11 ride this year because we didn't have a bank account, we are now having to rebuild our group from scratch, using an Eventbrite competitor Billetto as our ticketing provider. We don't want this to happen again! However we now have a competitive advantage with Billetto, as bookings no longer need to be 'blind' and you can see who else is coming on rides.

We want to create a truly diverse group, covering not just the East End, but operating across the whole of London. We want everyone to be able to participate, contribute ideas and draw on the skills, knowledge and backgrounds of the club's members.

We've a proper Constitution and an Equal Opportunities Policy we believe in.

The East End Cycling Club membership subscription is £10 per year. This will give you priority access to the booking of places on rides.


Bermondsey Spa Station Ride 

Bermondsey Spa Station Ride, 11 December | Event in London | AllEvents.in

A ride to see what's left of Bermondsey Spa Station

The 16 mile route for this ride can be downloaded from here:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37028038

If we had been living in the 19th century, LCC would not have existed and we would have been the Southwark Bicycle Club. Our rides to Greenwich and Kent would have started at Bermondsey Spa Station, not the Southwark Needle. This is because the Southwark Needle did not exist then.

When you go to Bermondsey Spa Station now, all we can see is a ticket office with bricked up windows. But the wording "SE & CR" is still visible in embossed concrete over the entrance doorway. When we looked up in the Wikipedia what this stood for we read:

"By the end of the 19th century, the SER and LC&DR had fought over a small and not particularly lucrative territory for 40 years. Both were notorious for the poor punctuality of their services and the decrepitude of their rolling stock, and the struggles had driven both companies to the verge of bankruptcy. It became inevitable that they must combine or succumb." 

On this ride we will be thinking about this and taking a look at what's left of Bermondsey Spa Station. We will then going on to Greenwich, where we will stop off at the East Greenwich Pleasaunce for a refreshment break.

The ride will finish at Cutty Sark Gardens.

Ride Leader: Nigel Bee (tel. 07415 315 690)

Epping Forest & White Water Centre Ride 

Epping Forest & White Water Centre Ride, 25 June | Event in London | AllEvents.inA ride

A ride through Epping Forest to the Lee Valley White Water Centre

Sat Jun 25 2022 at 09:30 am to 3:30 pm 

Meet at the Southwark Needle, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, United Kingdom

The 38 mile route for this ride can be downloaded from here:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36654265.

It was only by accident that we discovered that one of our Epping Forest rides was taking place on Armed Forces Day, but we now realise that this gives us an opportunity to include this ride to our repertoire of popular rides that we repeat every year. We think we are the right people to be doing this, both because we have previous experience of organising large-scale events and becuase we know all about the governance and organisation structure that we need to plan and deliver such events.

So, in addition to our Midsummer Madness Ride, we will be rerunning another Dog & Bell Crew ride. It is one of our favourites - a ride to Epping Forest.

We will meet at 9.30am at the Southwark Needle and start by cycling to the View Tube, where you can also join this ride at 10.15am.

We then follow a route which takes us to Lloyd Park in Walthamstow and Epping Forest. We cycle through the heart of the forest to High Beech and to the entrance to Copped Hall, where we join a road which takes us past Upshire to Waltham Abbey, which is reputed to be the last resting place of King Harold of 1066 fame. 

We will stop off for a refreshement break at the cafe at the Lee Valley White Water Centre.

We return by cycling back along the Lee River towpath to the View Tube, where the ride finishes.

Ride Leader: Nigel Bee (tel 07415 315 690)