About us

British Cycling and HSBC, of all people, should know that all cycling clubs must have a bank account. Or is this just true everywhere except in the East End?

Having had all our rides on Eventbrite virtually blown up by some anarchist a few days before our 9/11 ride this year because we didn't have a bank account, we are now having to rebuild our group from scratch, using an Eventbrite competitor Billetto as our ticketing provider. We don't want this to happen again! However we now have a competitive advantage with Billetto, as bookings no longer need to be 'blind' and you can see who else is coming on rides.

We want to create a truly diverse group, covering not just the East End, but operating across the whole of London. We want everyone to be able to participate, contribute ideas and draw on the skills, knowledge and backgrounds of the club's members.

We've a proper Constitution and an Equal Opportunities Policy we believe in.

The East End Cycling Club membership subscription is £10 per year. This will give you priority access to the booking of places on rides.


Ambush Marketing Ride to Mayfield Lavender Farm - Sat Jul 31st

With three people dropping out and many people away, there was an element of brinkmanship when deciding to continue with organising this ride. As with the game of chicken, even though there was a prospect of organising a ride where hardly anyone would turn up, we decided not to cancel it out of pride for not wanting to look like a 'chicken'. The gamble paid off and we had three people signing up at the last minute. This was, of course an ambush marketing ride - by starting and finishing at the Dulwich Clock Cafe, we were associating our "Greenwich" brand with the prominence of "Southwark" Saturday morning rides, without actually being an "official" partner or sponsor. We were ambushing a Southwark Healthy Ride by alluding to its imagery and themes without referencing any specific trademarks associated with it.

Ride to Shoreham & Eynsford - Sat Jul 18th

The battle between Greenwich Cyclists and the south London clubs has now become a game of chicken. On this occasion we chose a deliberately provocative starting point of Beckenham Place Park. This gave people the option for doing a longer ride, whilst also, for part of the ride, being able to choose their own speed and stop-off arrangements. We tackled the 25% climb to Cudham, which even Penge Cycle Club fight shy of. We then followed a sign to the "other" Lavender Farm (Castle Farm), which allowed us to do a short off-road detour. Despite worrying signage, we proved it was possible to get back to Orpington from Eynsford by cycling up past Eagle Heights.

This was the route: Ride to Ride to Shoreham & Eynsford