Our members are spread out all across London - even into Hertfordshire. This is unusual, as most cycling clubs are based on a single London borough.


Swains Lane Group

Not to be outdone by 7 finest views of south London, we were able to take in two fine views of north London on our ride to the far north. It was reminiscent of a Southwark Healthy Ride +, as it started at 9.30am and we were back by 1pm. We were pleased that we did have more viewers than views - numbers were back to normal, with 8 people joining us for this ride. However, the jury is out as to whether we visited Swains Lane or Swain's Lane as both are shown on the various street signs and in Google. There was sting in the tail - we had to climb up to the Ridge to get back to Finsbury and Clissold Parks, before following the A10 back to the Needle.

Alexandra Place Group

Secret Nuclear Bunker

The Secret Nuclear Bunker Ride is an iconic ride, but there are fierce battles going on regarding how the revenue that accrues from doing such rides is distributed amongst the various cycling organisations. Cyclists in Southwark enters the fray by putting in its two pennies' worth. The ride used to be a Newhmam Cyclists/LCC one, but now a variant of the ride is being done by the "committeeless" London Clarion Cycle Club. British Cycling is not going to be outdone here - there is also going to be an Ongar Burner Let's Ride ride, which has much in common with these rides.

Embassy Gardens Group

We were founded in Greenwich and still hold sessions there, but we now have members in Southwark, Lambeth, Bedford, Watford, Waltham Forest, Islington and Camden - we're truly spread out all across London! Nine of us met up at 11am at the Southwark Needle. The route and ride pictures are posted on Strava. Six continued all the way to Edgware Road, where we had a very reasonably priced Christmas Day lunch at the Beirut Cafe. This year Bermondsey Bill led a different ride - an LFGSS one that started at 9am at Oxford Circus. Non of us were expecting LFGSS  to be a British Cycling affiliated club!

Blackbird Bakery Group

The East End and Southwark have a long history of welcoming outsiders. But what happens when two people who are outsiders to both places organise a ride there? Watch this space…