Cycle Ride from Richmond Park to the Wey Bridge, Weybridge - May 7th 2022

Although my cycling group is not allowed to do "Let's Ride" rides any more, we can still do "Let's Ride" rides as our own rides. As "Let's Ride" group rides are now supposed to be "Community Group" ones, this ride was an experiment in democracy to see if the ride could be organised by a group of cyclists rather than by a ride leader. It was therefore decided that there should not be a weblink for this ride. That way we can stop our cycling group from being infiltrated by members of rival cycling groups.

Zeppelin Ride

The Zeppelin airship was the original "stealth bomber." Cruising under cover of darkness so high that it could barely be heard, it could cross the North Sea from its base in Germany and bring terror to the British Isles. In the early hours of the 1st October 1916 Zeppelin L-31 was part of a major raid of 11 airships on London.

Ride to Swains Lane and Alexandra Place

Not to be outdone by 7 finest views of south London, we were able to take in two fine views of north London on our ride to the far north. It was reminiscent of a Southwark Healthy Ride +, as it started at 9.30am and we were back by 1pm. We were pleased that we did have more viewers than views - numbers were back to normal, with 8 people joining us for this ride. However, the jury is out as to whether we visited Swains Lane or Swain's Lane as both are shown on the various street signs and in Google.