We're simply a bunch of bikers who got together in May 2000 to press the Council for better bike facilities, do rides for all sorts of people, and have some fun at the same time. We've a proper Constitution. "Rides aren't mentioned. But we do loads. For everyone." Barry Mason - the legend continues …


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2nd July 2017

Family Ride Report Saturday 17 January 2009

Katy, brother James and mum Sally turned up with friend (Jemima?) to be accompanied along the Waterlink Way from John Ball Primary School by David Senior, Tom Crispin and myself. As it was a family ride it did not start until 11am. The family rides alternate from Saturdays to Sundays with the youth rides which, being rather longer, start at 10am. Although it was 9degs yesterday it felt colder in the wind. We surreptitiously slipped through side roads and parks until we reached Ladywell Fields some 15 mins later than scheduled. Nobody was there so Tom told the children that as it was offroad they could lead now and that there was a playground here for them to play in. The children fell upon a few swings to our left, "No not THOSE swings!" He laughed, "Further down!". Off they cycled, past the loo and cafe - which was open. David Senior took this opportunity to grab himself some lunch to bring with us as he knew there would be no cafe further on. We stood outside the playground chatting - while the children played. When they were ready to re-join us, David checked with Sally thought they all had food and so we would not need to go back to the cafe. The next challenge was the spiral slope to cross the river. Sally was FUMING when somebody toppled over and she had to put her feet down. I suggested we put her at the front on the return journey so we would not impede her challenge! The sun was shining, and the journey was really pleasant through the parks. At Catford we emerged from a cement tunnel berneath the railway into the paths of busy shoppers and queueing cars. It felt fox-like to then cross a busy road and slip away from the fracas.

A tram crossing at Croydon presented a scary spectacle but nobody was in its path. At this point I realised I had a puncture and had not brought the key to my locking hubs. A birdwatcher with binoculars assisted and supervised most of the puncture repair procedure. I suggested he join us on a future ride. Beyond Croydon Country Park lay another playground and a visitors' centre. Sadly this was closed for refurbs as were the loos. The children seemed unperturbed and disappeared to use the apparatus. Tom produced carrot sticks and humus, Sally's two had croissants, muffins and cheese tubes. I had brought walnut bread, Jemima seemed to enjoy the carrot-sticks and humus best. As soon as they'd snacked they were back on the apparatus until having been "behind the hedge" the adults prepared to leave. At this point Sally went and extricated the children from the apparatus, we helped them back into their helmets, rolled up trousers that might catch in chains, tightened straps what were skew-wiff and off we went again! The wind was with us now. At Ladywell Park we stopped for chocolate/soup/tea at the cafe and David explained he'd be leaving us prior to our arrival back at the school. At John Ball Tom returned Jemima's Islabike to the bicycle library and Sally, James and Katy prepared to walk her home (a couple of hundred metres apparently). Tom and I despatched ourselves off to our respective homes and chores.