About us

Greenwich Cyclists are simply a bunch of local bikers who got together in May 2000 to push bikes up the agenda, to press the Council for better bike facilities, to do rides for all sorts of people, and to have some fun at the same time.

We've a proper Constitution and an Equal Opportunities Policy we believe in. We have successfully won some official grant-aid, but we run ourselves democratically through our monthly meetings and stay light.

The more we are, the more we do. We're a very mixed bunch and intend staying that way: we've got everything from hard core urban cyclists to commuters and tourers and very young families who want somewhere safe to learn. We want to get more people on bikes from every section of our community. It's our aim to promote cycling which is safe, responsible and considerate to other road users.

We can do lots: organising one-to-one professional training for any ages, helping you ride to work in the big bad city, choosing the right bike, planning rides locally or anywhere. Just ask.

We've realised that bikes are perhaps the perfect form of urban transport. But they need help. And so do the unconvinced. Join us.

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