Notes of Meeting - July 2007

Monthly Meeting

1. Welcome & Introductions
Anthony Austin (Chair), Robert Allen, Anthony Alpert, Andy Braben, Chris le Breton, Ian Calloway, Michael Collins, Ed Coster, Stephen Craven, Tom Crispin, Liz Delap, Julian Dobson, Tim Fitzpatrick, Eric Gauster, John Hearns, Chris Lee, Derek Mark, Ian McPherson, Abizer Nasir, Stuart Parkins, Rekha Patel, John Paton, David Senior, Ray Suomi and Richard Tester.

Apologies had been received from John Clarke.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.
Approved subject to correction of the date (the meeting was on 6 June, not 2 May). There were no matters arising.

3. Greenwich Park - Response to Fatality.

Anthony reported the facts that had been established from police reports and witnesses. A 53 year old male cycling uphill from the King William Walk gate had been hit by a car coming downhill performing an overtaking manoeuvre. An ambulance was called but the victim was found to be dead. Police have not made any arrests. Representatives of Police and the Park authorities had been invited to the meeting but declined to come.

Liz read out a draft resolution that had been prepared by the Committee. Most of the members present contributed to the discussion that followed. The specific points made were:

Slight amendments were then made to the resolution in the light of the discussion and it was signed by 17 of the 25 people present. The agreed text being:

"This meeting calls for the following:
1. An extension of the prohibition on through motor traffic to include mornings and evenings.
2. In the interim, a reduction of the speed limit to 20mph.
3. A ban on overtaking and a double white line on the centre of the road.
4. A review of cycling facilities and safety, including transfer of the cycle lane to the east side of the road, making it one-way (uphill) only".

4. Planning

Westminster Estate
Anthony reported that as a result of a CRISP review, funding may now be available for the link as part of the LCN. Action – Liz to draft a letter of support to be reviewed at the next meeting. Ray reported that the rides programme was up-to-date on the Lewisham website though not our own.

5. Tour de France July 7/8th.

Final arrangements were agreed for marshals and outriders for the feeder ride on 7 July. Chris and Stephen to lead, Liz as back marker, Ray as mechanic. A total of at least 75 riders were expected, including a group of 23 adults and children from Tom's school, a group of 26 from St John's church and a group of 12 arranged by Roger Hardman. Chris had arranged tabards for marshals to be overprinted with specific wording. Action – Liz to provide route maps for marshals and registration forms for riders, Ray to provide spare tubes.

6. Any other business
Bike Week had generally been a success with good turnouts on most rides and several new people attracted through the Bike Week website, but a disappointing response from families. The organisers were thanked collectively.

Pedal Power next issue to include articles on Bike Week, Tour de France and the park issue.

Rides Chris as rides co-ordinator said he would lead one ride a month himself but new ride leaders were needed. Ian volunteered to lead occasional family rides.